Support Policy

Thank you for using Auto Load Next Post. I’m here to help you to succeed in setting up Auto Load Next Post but I do not have unlimited resources to test with every WordPress theme or plugin, so I need to set a standard for which use cases I can and cannot provide support for my product.

Support Scope

I only cover support for my plugin and I will answer queries regarding the installation, configuration, and use of. Please understand that I provide the plugin Auto Load Next Post “as is” and do not provide any help with customizations beyond the scope of it’s intended style or functionality.

I don’t offer support for the installation, customization or administration of WordPress itself, nor do I support any third-party plugins you might choose to use with my plugin. Issues with plugins should be raised with the plugin author.

Should you have an issue with our plugin you can post your question(s) at Extend forums.

I am unable to provide support related to your server or hosting configuration – these issues must be raised with your specific hosting provider.

Support Hours

I’ll do my best to answer all support requests within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. More advanced or technical queries may take longer especially if I am in a middle of a release cycle. Should you have any other form of support needed then I provide communication via my contact form (emails). I do not offer any support via blog comments, phone, social media such as Twitter or Facebook or other communication channels.

My support policy might change from time to time without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding of my support policy.

I look forward to serving you soon!