Auto Load Next Post Premium

With Auto Load Next Post Premium you get a lot more features starting with custom post type template support, attachment template support, developer support, remove previous posts, load comments, and priority email support.

We also have integrations and add-ons in the works such as:

  • AMP Support (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – Allows sites that have AMP installed to have the same auto load ability on mobile. Requires AMP for WordPress to be installed.
  • Additional Content – Allows you to place additional content or use shortcodes via a text editor that are placed before or after the post loop or post content.
  • Subscription Box for MailPoet – Let your readers sign up to your MailPoet newsletter as they read your content.
  • Subscription Box for MailChimp – Let your readers sign up to your MailChimp newsletter as they read your content.
  • Ad Space – Display an advert at the end of each post loaded or after X amount of posts.
  • WooCommerce Support – View product after product.
  • Social Sharing – Provides social links that can be placed before or after content or stuck on the side of the page.

If there is a feature or integration that you think would be a good addition then please contact us and let us know.

Please note that the features, integrations and add-ons could change at anytime. We will let you know more in the future. 🙂