Frequently Asked Questions

How do I declare Auto Load Next Post support in a theme?

Simply add this to your functions.php file.

Where’s the settings screen?

Settings > Auto Load Next Post.

Is overriding the template file required?

No. This was put in place to support themes that have coded their template files differently from WordPress theme code standards. For example the Genesis Framework displays content via many action hooks instead.

How can I override the default template file?

You first need to create a new folder in your theme directory like so: your-theme-name/auto-load-next-post/ and copy the template file content-partial.php from the plugin template folder into that new folder.

Modify it to match how your theme’s content is loaded for a single post. Your new template will be used to load the posts.

Can I use JetPack Social Links and Like Button?

Yes. No further configuration is needed if you already have JetPack setup with social icons and like button.

Is it compatible with the JetPack’s related posts module?

This is not possible but it would also drive away the purpose of this plugin if related posts where to be displayed.

Can I load content before and after the next post has loaded?

Yes. In the plugin template there are action hooks that you can use. They are documented on the GitHub repository along with an example on how to use them.

We have also prepared a plugin that shows you added content using the hooks as a guide.

After the first post has loaded, all I get is the same post over and over again. Why is that?

If you have this issue and you have created a custom template file to support the theme then you may have placed the post navigation outside of the post query.

You need to place it inside the loop. If that is not the case then you have not included the content of the post correctly according to the theme you are using.

Does the plugin detect my theme and insert the correct selectors for me?

No it does not, but this is something we are working on for the premium version.

My theme does not work with the plugin, what do I do?

First check that you have a post navigation at the end of your post. If one does exists then you may need to copy and modify the template file content-partial.php in order to support your theme.

Not all themes are coded the same way so some alterations will be needed. If you need help with this then we provide setup support on request.

I’m confused about the post order. Why is the plugin called Auto Load Next Post?

Well, WordPress loads posts in a descending order by default so the next post is the previous post and a user reads content scrolling down not up so it loads the next post, not previous.

How can I get the Google Analytics option to work?

You first need to have Google Analytics installed on your site. Either by inserting the analytics into your theme yourself or by using the Google Analytics by MonsterInsights plugin.

Once the Google script is applied to your theme you can enable to track each post.

Does Auto Load Next Post support WordPress Network / Multisite websites?

It does. Just make sure that you activate the plugin on the site you want it used on and then make sure the selectors match the theme that site is using.