How to Find My Theme Selectors

Finding your theme selectors is not that hard. Most WordPress themes use the same standard theme selectors so there is no need to change them but should you need to change one or all theme selectors, this guide will help you.

First, make sure that you are viewing a single post on the site you are setting up Auto Load Next Post on. Then depending on your browser, you need to open the developer tools or simply right-click on the post title and select “Inspect Element”.

Developer inspector opened above a single post looking for theme selectors

This will allow you to see the theme selector your post title is using, normally a main heading with a class applied like so:

<h1 class="entry-title">Development Report #1</h1>

When entering the theme selector in Auto Load Next Post settings, make sure you put the HTML element before the theme selector. In this case the HTML element is h1 followed by .entry-title for the class.

The same approuch is done on all other theme selectors required and by looking with the browsers developer tool to inspect, finding theme should be easy.

Default Theme Selectors

These theme selectors are the most commonly used in any WordPress theme and are already set the moment the plugin is activated.

Content Container: “

Post Title: “h1.entry-title

Post Navigation: “

Comments Container: “div#comments

The comments container is only required should you wish to remove the comments.

Once you have entered all theme selectors in the settings, press “Save Changes”.