See the changes made per release

1.4.13 - 20TH AUGUST 2018

  • Added: Upgrade warning notice in preparation for version 1.5.0 release.

1.4.12 - 19th May 2018

  • Fixed: Corrected post type returned for single posts in the repeater template.
  • Removed: The need to check if the theme has declared support before the plugin loads the JavaScript.

1.4.11 - 23rd April 2018

  • Fixed: Initial post id was failing the rest of the script if undefined with some themes.

1.4.10 - 21st April 2018

  • Added: Compatible HTML semantics lookup if HTML5 is not used for article.
  • Added: Alternative post navigation lookup for some theme frameworks.
  • Added: Storefront theme to the list of themes that work out of the box.
  • Added: Two new action hooks in the template to support post types in preparation for Auto Load Next Post Pro.
  • Changed: Two action hooks in the template to be inconsistent with the new action hooks for post types.
  • Changed: PHP minimum requirement to version 5.6
  • Fixed: Issue with plugin setting up default settings once activated.
  • Fixed: Issue with History.js already been loaded when previewing in the customizer.
  • Fixed: Issue with Google Analytics returning the full URL... sometimes.
  • Enhanced: Browser back button now scrolls to the top of the previous post if any. Thanks to @lex111
  • Enhanced: Detect if Auto Load Next Post parameters exist.
  • Enhanced: Added attributes to identify which post is the initial post both on the post divider and the article.
  • Enhanced: Hidden the post divider completely. Inline styling is used instead for better compatibility with themes.
  • Enhanced: ScrollSpy now identifies the post divider via the new data attribute.
  • Enhanced: Auto Load Next Post now does not run if the post url has a hashtag for a specific comment on an initial load.
  • Improved: The uninstallation of plugin. Now refreshes the permalinks to remove custom rewrite permalink for the plugin.
  • Improved: Code base in preparation for Auto Load Next Post Pro.
  • Updated: Template file header to provide clear information for overriding repeater template.
  • Updated: Template to include support for other post types in preparation for Auto Load Next Post Pro.
  • Updated: Settings page to display the theme selectors descriptions rather than using tips.
  • Updated: The help tab on the settings page.
  • Updated: POT file.
  • Updated: Documentation links in the plugin.
  • Updated: Documentation links in readme.txt
  • Updated: FAQ's in readme.txt

1.4.9 - 30th December 2016

  • Added: Support for Twenty Sixteen.
  • Updated: Admin notice for contribution.
  • Updated: Admin settings field labels and help tips.
  • Updated: POT file.

1.4.8 - 25th December 2016

  • Added: Support for child-themes so they too can also use the plugin. Thanks to lwesolowski
  • Added: New template location filter. See Documentation.
  • Added: New action hook for when there are no new posts to load.
  • Added: a post count of the posts that have loaded. Can be used to trigger an event after X amount of posts have loaded.
  • Added: a new variable that can be set to prevent further posts from loading.
  • Added: Support for Twenty Seventeen.
  • Corrected: Plugin links and improved spelling and grammar.
  • Corrected: Admin notices now use WordPress style.
  • Dev Feature: Can view the console.logs if debug mode is enabled for Auto Load Next Post. Must have SCRIPT_DEBUG set to true also. See Documentation.
  • Dev Feature: JavaScript triggers have been added so developers can do fun stuff. See Documentation.
  • Fixed: Google Analytics bug that prevented more than 3 posts to load. Thanks to PatriceVB
  • Improved: How Google Analytics is triggered.
  • Improved: The JavaScript now identifies the post ID of each post including the initial post on load.
  • Improved: The JavaScript to remove the comments on load instead if requested.
  • Improved: The default template "content-partial.php".
  • Removed: The post navigation from the template "content-partial.php" file and applied it via an action hook instead.
  • Removed: The comments from the template "content-partial.php" file and applied it via an action hook instead.
  • Removed: History state on the initial post load. Not required.
  • Removed: All languages except the POT file from the plugin as they will now be downloaded from
  • Removed: The support section on the plugins page as the help tab has been improved.
  • Updated: The admin help sections on the plugins page.
  • Updated: The admin footer on the plugins page.
  • Updated: The POT file.
  • Updated: The readme.txt file.
  • Updated: Gruntfile.js file.
  • Updated: package.json file.

1.4.7 - 4th April 2016

  • Added the Russian (Russia) translation.
  • Updated the English (United Kingdom) translation.
  • Updated the Italian (Italy) translation.

1.4.6 - 3rd April 2016

  • Corrected links within the readme.txt file.
  • Provided a list of extra features coming with Auto Load Next Post Premium.
  • Improved copy.
  • Added two additional help tabs on the plugin settings page.
  • Updated the F.A.Q's.
  • Updated the uninstall.php file.
  • Updated the POT file.
  • Fixed undefined issue with Google Analytics.
  • Removed all console.log and console.error in the Javascript.
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.4.2

1.4.5 - 30th November 2015

  • Added the English (United Kingdom) translation.
  • Updated the Italian (Italy) translation.

1.4.4 - 29th November 2015

  • Fixed the activation of the plugin from the broken update in version 1.4.3
  • Removed code that is not needed and certain parts that are not for the free version of Auto Load Next Post.
  • Removed additional whitespace in the code making the plugin just a little bit lighter.
  • Improved the WP Update Php class originally created by Coen Jacobs. Also renamed the class a little so that it doesn't cause any conflicts with other plugins when activating.
  • Updated the copy in the settings page.
  • Updated the French translation. - 20th October 2015

  • Re-deployed v1.4.3 update as it failed using Ship by Big Bite Creative. Sorry about that. 🙁

1.4.3 - 19th October 2015

  • Corrected an undefined function for Google Analytics tracking in the JavaScript.
  • Improved Google Analytics. Now detects old, classic, current and Yoast method of tracking pageviews.
  • Changed the default content container setting to match Twenty Fifteen.
  • Core themes are supported except for Twenty Eleven. Theme notification only shows now if not a core theme.
  • Corrected a loading issue of the template file should the theme have one also.
  • Improved the partial content template file. Now has a fallback. Should be more compatible with themes.
  • Added a support tab to the plugin settings page.
  • Added an upgrade link on the plugins page.
  • Added a community support link on the plugins page.
  • Added the German translation.
  • Redefined the constants.
  • Moved admin functions under the directory 'includes/admin'
  • Moved library assets under a new folder for both CSS and JavaScript.
  • Added PHP detection.
  • Improved copy in the settings page and the help tab.
  • Updated the default localization file.
  • Removed public variables and hardcoded them into the plugin instead.
  • Removed whitespace.
  • Removed @return void on __construct() functions.
  • Cleaned up the code.

1.4.2 - 31st July 2015

  • Added two languages for localizing the plugin settings page. Français (French)(France) and Română (Romanian).

1.4.1 - 13th June 2015

  • Added many action hooks in template file 'content-partial.php' - See the documentation for a list of hooks.
  • Removed an error from the admin side when debug is enabled.

1.4.0 - Not sure what happened to this version.

1.3.2 - 20th May 2015 (A lot of versions were tested before this release)

  • Added more theme support with compatible theme template file which can be overridden.
  • Added option to enable auto loading posts for specific post types.
  • Added option for comments. Now you can choose to show or hide rather than forcing it to hide automatically.
  • Added Chosen (v1.4.2) Javascript by Harvest
  • Added console.logs in the Javascript for debugging.
  • Corrected text domain name in plugin header.
  • Corrected access to function load_file() from private to public
  • Corrected access to function register_scripts_and_styles() from private to public
  • Corrected error with uninstall.php file
  • Moved function register_scripts_and_styles() to class-auto-load-next-post-admin.php
  • Filtered the Javascript to load only on singular posts and the enabled post types.
  • Removed security issue in the main plugin file by accessing $GLOBALS directly.
  • Removed all closing PHP tags omitting at the end of each file.

1.0.0 - 4th April 2015

  • Initial version.