Providing Feedback for Auto Load Next Post

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Feedback is important to building a great product and I realised that I haven’t provided the best way to do that yet. Sure you can create an issue on the GitHub repository but it is more of a place of management for notes and reporting bugs. While I could set up a public forum I think it is an outdated way of communicating between myself and the users and could also cause to much traffic on the site not that …

How to Beta Test Auto Load Next Post

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Beta testing is vital to ensuring my releases are as bug-free as possible, and to ensure I hear users feedback before putting changes live. Anyone can beta test; bloggers, theme developers, translators.. any and all help is welcome. I do understand however that the process of testing can be a little bit of a hassle since you need to download a tagged release and then upload it to your testing site manually. Sometimes this can also cause issues with plugin directory naming as well because …

Auto Load Next Post v1.4.12 fixes post content

Today I had a user telling me Auto Load Next Post was acting like the archives page which is not what Auto Load Next Post is suppose to do and this is the reason why so I strongly recommend updating to this version if you have been experiencing the same or a similar issue.