Why Auto Load Next Post?

I created Auto Load Next Post originally for a client to allow the readers to keep viewing content as they scroll down the post. At the time more and more popular sites started to add this ability but WordPress did not have a solution.

What I had coded for the client was added directly into there WordPress theme and was designed to only match their theme structure, so I copied the code, created it into a plugin and made modifications to allow it to be more open for any theme.

I then put it on the WordPress.org plugin directory to see how well it would do and collect feedback to improve it and it has been doing great so I must have done something right.

I hope you like it.

What is it for?

For content creators, this is a solution to help increase page views. Gaining page views is an important part of making your site known. The more people read your content and the longer they stay on your site, your SEO score will increase over time.

You can also track each post viewed using Google Analytics if you have it installed.

Theme Compatibility

Every theme is different and while most follow the same theme structure and WordPress theme code standards, there are some that do not. Which is why I allow you to override the template provided to match with your choice of theme.

Developer Friendly?

As a developer, I felt it was also important that I also allow you to filter, use hooks and add your own JavaScript that can be triggered depending on what the reader is doing. This way you get to personalize your reader’s experience.

What else can you tell me?

If you would like to talk about Auto Load Next Post on how it can help you then please contact us.