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Providing Feedback for Auto Load Next Post

Feedback is important to building a great product and I realised that I haven’t provided the best way to do that yet. Sure you can create an issue on the GitHub repository but it is more of a place of management for notes and reporting bugs.

While I could set up a public forum I think it is an outdated way of communicating between myself and the users and could also cause to much traffic on the site not that traffic is not good but I don’t want the majority of that traffic to be discussing Auto Load Next Post.

Currently, you can provide your feedback via the contact form and is fine between you and me but this method does not allow you to also discuss your input with other users or developers.

So I decided to create a Slack channel that you can join to discuss plugins to be supported, features to be added, integrations, and provide suggestions for Auto Load Next Post for future releases.

Your input matters to make this plugin great not just for you but for everyone else who wants a great web experience while increasing your website’s pageviews.

I think its the perfect platform to get direct feedback. To join the Slack channel simply go here:

So what are you looking forward too in Auto Load Next Post? Let’s talk.