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How to Beta Test Auto Load Next Post

Beta testing is vital to ensuring my releases are as bug-free as possible, and to ensure I hear users feedback before putting changes live. Anyone can beta test; bloggers, theme developers, translators.. any and all help is welcome.

I do understand however that the process of testing can be a little bit of a hassle since you need to download a tagged release and then upload it to your testing site manually. Sometimes this can also cause issues with plugin directory naming as well because tagged releases won’t have a directory named ‘auto-load-next-post’.

To make this process easier, I’ve released a plugin to help install beta versions of Auto Load Next Post, and to ensure the directory names are kept correct.

Please ensure you test responsibly, its not a good idea to run beta versions on a production site unless you know what you’re doing!

Installing the Beta Tester Plugin

To get started, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload plugin, and install the beta tester plugin which you can download from:

This plugin will stop updates coming in from and instead pull the latest tagged version on the Github repository. This includes beta releases and release candidates.

Giving Feedback

During testing, if you come across a bug or want to propose or contribute an enhancement, submit an issue on Github. Ensure you read my guidelines on contributing and note which version you’re using specifically.

Thanks for testing Auto Load Next Post!