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Is Auto Load Next Post plugin GDPR Compliant?

The short answer is Yes. Both Auto Load Next Post and Auto Load Next Post Pro are compliant with GDPR but I’d like to elaborate a bit more on a few key points.

ALNP Doesn’t Collect Personal Data

You should know that once ALNP is installed on your website, ALNP doesn’t collect, store or send any personal data from either you or your site’s visitors, meaning no names, no email addresses and no IP addresses.

The only time data is collected is during an ALNP Pro licence activation, an update request is made and the total amount of pageviews ALNP has recorded on your website for the current month.

This data is as expected and includes the licence key, ALNP Pro version, WordPress version, website name, website URL, website language and timezone.

In addition, I will also request the name of the theme and the version of the theme that you have currently active. This specific data helps me to improve ALNP to provide better theme support.

Before any such data is uploaded, a notification will appear upon activating ALNP Pro asking for your consent. This must be agreed before you may enter your licence key.

What about cookies?

No cookies are used with ALNP or ALNP Pro as no personal data is stored.

My Commitment to Data Privacy

At ALNP I believe in ensuring that the collection and use of data are treated with the most utmost respect both privacy and compliance.

With that in mind please take a moment to review the following documents that outline my policies regarding user data and other important information:

And, as regulations change over time, I’ll put in the hard work required to ensure that my plugins remain compliant. What’s more, I will continue to develop ways for ALNP to make your compliance responsibilities easier, as well.