Auto Load Next Post v1.4.12 fixes post content

This release is a minor fix but one that should not have been needed if I checked more properly in the first place. As I am preparing the release for Auto Load Next Post Pro in version 1.4.10 I added support for post types but I forgot one thing that was overlooked on my part.

For single posts the post type is returned as post. However, the template structure for content is content-single.php. If content-single.php does not exists then content.php would load as a fallback.

Now due to the post format returned was post. The repeater template is trying to find content-post.php instead of content-single.php which will abviously fail and fallback to loading content.php instead.

Today I had a user telling me Auto Load Next Post was acting like the archives page which is not what Auto Load Next Post is suppose to do and this is the reason why so I strongly recommend updating to this version if you have been experiencing the same or a similar issue.

The repeater template file has also been updated to accomdate this fix so if you have recently copied it to your own theme for customisation, please compare the change here and apply accordingly.

I will review my work more closley from now. Your help is also appreciated in reporting issues you find or testing out beta releases that I put out.

Speaking of beta releases. I am close to another and it will bring some considerable improvements specially for theme support.

More details on that soon. As a small preview in this release I removed a condition that checks if the theme has declared support so the Javascript can load even if the theme has not provided support. This will allow for a better setup for those who don’t know how to code and only need to set the theme selectors if they are different.

The declaration notice will be removed in the up coming version.

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