Auto Load Next Post v1.4.10 is now available

This release provides many improvements, bug corrections and enhancements. It is also important to know that I have increased the minimum PHP requirement to PHP 5.6. As a developer it is important to keep my code secure so as a user it is important that you keep your site secure.

The Bugs

There was an issue with History.js already been loaded when using the WordPress customizer. This caused issues with some themes and would stop the user from using the customizer. History.js has now been disabled when viewing the WordPress customizer.

With Google Analytics some users had reported that it would return the full URL… sometimes. The whole length of the URL was reported in Analytics after a forward slash and made tracking the page views difficult in there reports. This has now been addressed in this release.

Last but most important, the plugin would no longer set the default theme selectors once activated. These theme selectors are the most common used and helps with the out of box experience should no further setting up be required. This has now been fixed and improved when updating the plugin.

So thats the bugs out of the way. Now on to the good stuff.

Admin Settings

Users had reported that they did not find the help tips useful or found it hard to understand in it’s current form so I have removed the help tips and are now displaying the field descriptions on the side instead.

Action Hooks

Two changes have been made to the template file for action hooks. The first is a rename of two action hooks to keep all action hooks inconsistent with each other.

The action hooks changed are for the post format before and after content.

What the action hooks were before.

alnp_load_before_content_type_' . $post_format
alnp_load_after_content_type_' . $post_format

What the action hooks are now.

alnp_load_before_content_post_format_' . $post_format
alnp_load_after_content_post_format_' . $post_format

The second is adding two additional hooks to support other post types in prepartion for Auto Load Next Post Pro.

alnp_load_before_content_post_type_' . $post_type
alnp_load_after_content_post_type_' . $post_type

Compaitble HTML Semantics and Post Navigation Lookup

I have been testing out other themes that did not use HTML5 so I added additional compatible support for HTML semantics to support those themes. If an <article> is not found under the content container then it will look for a <div> with the post ID applied.

I also added a secondary lookup for post navigation should the default lookup fail for some themes and frameworks. Again this is HTML semantics.

New theme added to the supported roster

Storefront. With the compatible HTML semantics put in place Storefront now works with Auto Load Next Post.

If you have not yet seen Storefront latest beta release for v2.3, I actually contributed to that release to make sure the articles are using HTML5 semantics so even without the compatible support I have now added, once Storefront releases v2.3 official it will still work out of the box, only better.

If you are wanting to increase your pageviews then install Auto Load Next Post today. You won’t regret it.

See what Rich Tabor ( Founder of Theme Beans ) had to say in his review.

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