Auto Load Next Post v1.4.10-beta.2

Auto Load Next Post 1.4.10 beta 2 is now available for testing. This includes additional fixes based on feedback and research for issues identified during beta 1.

To test Auto Load Next Post 1.4.10 beta 2, you can use my Auto Load Next Post Beta Tester plugin or you can download the beta release here (zip).

Think you’ve found a bug? Please post in detail to Github.

The final version of 1.4.10 is due for release April 19th 2018. Below is the full changelog.

  • Added: Compatible HTML semantics lookup if HTML5 is not used for article.
  • Added: Alternative post navigation lookup for some theme frameworks.
  • Added: Storefront theme to the list of themes that work out of the box.
  • Changed: PHP minimum requirement to version 5.6
  • Fixed: Issue with plugin setting up default settings once activated.
  • Fixed: Issue with History.js already been loaded when previewing in the customizer.
  • Fixed: Issue with Google Analytics returning the full URL… sometimes.
  • Enhanced: Browser back button now scrolls to the top of the previous post if any. Thanks to @lex111
  • Enhanced: Detect if Auto Load Next Post parameters exist.
  • Enhanced: Added attributes to identify which post is the initial post both on the post divider and the article.
  • Enhanced: Hidden the post divider completely. Inline styling is used instead for better compatibility with themes.
  • Enhanced: ScrollSpy now identifies the post divider via the new data attribute.
  • Enhanced: Auto Load Next Post now does not run if the post url has a hashtag for a specific comment on an initial load.
  • Improved: The uninstallation of plugin. Now refreshes the permalinks to remove custom rewrite permalink for the plugin.
  • Improved: Code base in preparation for Auto Load Next Post Pro.
  • Updated: Template file header to provide clear information for overriding repeater template.
  • Updated: Settings page to display the theme selectors descriptions rather than using tips.
  • Updated: The help tab on the settings page.
  • Updated: POT file.
  • Updated: Documentation links in the plugin.
  • Updated: Documentation links in readme.txt
  • Updated: FAQ’s in readme.txt

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