Development Report #1

Genesis Framework is Now Supported.

One of the most popular framework themes for WordPress developed by StudioPress is now fully supported for Auto Load Next Post.

With over 200,000 sites using the Genesis Framework we had to have it available as a fully supported child-theme which is now available to purchase.

$9,00Read more

Unlike standard WordPress themes, the Genesis Framework uses a lot of action hooks so a completely new template had to be developed to match.

Also a key requirement Auto Load Next Post requires was missing. The post navigation. With this child-theme we have put one in place for you to ensure our plugin works.

We also found during testing that even if you enable to remove the comments, the reply form would still remain. This was because the reply form was outside of the comments container.

To fix this we added JavaScript using the triggers within the plugin to remove it too.

So if you have the Genesis Framework installed and would like to use Auto Load Next Post with it, download our child-theme today.

Plugin Stats and Themes

We now have 600 or more active installs of Auto Load Next Post. We are gradully increasing and preparing to boost that with the coming updates.

Our downloads have increased by 175% which is awesome and we hope it will only keep going up over time.

We love how interested you all our with the plugin and we can’t thank you enough. What started out as a simple experiment has now blossomed into something people really want and that is to engage their readers with more content and increase their page views.

More and more WordPress theme authors are starting to see the importance of what Auto Load Next Post brings to the table and we are very happy about that.

Speaking of themes we have been working hard at building a compatible themes directory.

Many of you have been asking for a list of compatible themes that work with Auto Load Next Post while we have been spending time developing the plugin and supporting users it became clear that this is needed for both the free and premium version of Auto Load Next Post.

So we have been busy creating a compatible themes directory (coming soon) listing themes we have tested and verified that work with Auto Load Next Post.

Each theme we add to the list that requires support will have direct link to download a child-theme we have created. A link to view a demo of that theme will also be available.

Theme authors will also soon be able to submit their themes should they have made it compatible with Auto Load Next Post and be added to the directory. More information on that soon.

We wanted to make it easy for you to find your theme so with the power of SearchWP, you can search for a specific theme or browse by a theme category.

Here is a preview of what is to come.

Compatible Themes Directory

Translators we need your Help

We are also looking for contributors to help translate Auto Load Next Post in to more languages. There is only text in the backend so there isn’t a lot to translate. Just the settings page and help tab.

We want to make this plugin great for everyone and not just the English speakers. If you are interested in helping out with the translations then please do get in contact and let us know what language you would like to contribute.

If you have not yet subscribed to our newsletter and interested in getting news before everyone else, access to beta test the premium version coming soon and a special deal then now is the time to do so.

Thank you for reading.

Peace. 🙂

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