What is Auto Load Next Post?

Auto Load Next Post is a WordPress plugin developed to increase page views on your site (The number of individual pages a visitor goes to on your site.) by engaging the viewers to keep reading your blog content once they reach the bottom of an article.

This also increases the readers session. The longer the reader is on your site the better it makes your site more popular. This is 100% SEO friendly.

Once the user has reached the bottom of the initial post they are reading, it automatically loads the next post and repeats the process as the user reads your content until there are no more posts to load.


Auto Load Next Post also comes with a few options such as page tracking with Google Analytics and the removal of post comments.

Google Analytics is a great tool to monetise your page views and in order to monetise your page views with Auto Load Next Post you need to have it installed on your site first.

To setup Google Analytics easily on your WordPress site we recommend using the Google Analytics plugin by Monster Insights.

Once setup you can see every post viewed with the post title and post url address.

The post title and post url address also change in the browser when the reader is reading another post. This is recorded in the readers browser history so they can go back to any post they have viewed before at any time.

Removal of comments is purely up to you but it does help with the loading of the posts if you have a lot of comments per post or content in general. This does not delete your post comments. It only prevents them from displaying on the posts.

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