Auto Load Next Post is a WordPress plugin for loading single posts with jQuery.

Increase your page views as visitors continue reading articles scrolling down the page.

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Auto Load Next Post Features

These are just a few of the key features of Auto Load Next Post. All Features.

Navigate through the previously viewed posts using the forward and back browser buttons.
The browser address bar is updated to the URL of the post currently in view.
Track user behavior by sending pageviews to your Google Analytics account.

Compatible Themes

Theme Make


Genesis Framework

and many more.

Make your site load infinite posts like these


Auto Load Next Post is not affiliated with any of theses sites. They are just examples on what Auto Load Next Post can do on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Auto Load Next Post? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

Who should use Auto Load Next Post?

Auto Load Next Post is perfect for bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else. If you want infinite scrolling on your posts and increase your page views, then you need to use Auto Load Next Post.

What is required to use Auto Load Next Post?

Auto Load Next Post is a WordPress Plugin. In order to use Auto Load Next Post, you must have a self-hosted WordPress site. Your WordPress theme must also have a post navigation on single posts in order to know which post to load next. That’s all.

Does Auto Load Next Post work on non-WordPress sites?

No. Auto Load Next Post is a WordPress plugin, so it will NOT work on sites that do not use WordPress. Additionally, Auto Load Next Post is not compatible with the platform. You must be using a self-hosted version of WordPress to utilize Auto Load Next Post.


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