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Version: 1.4.7

Last Updated: 2016-08-28 11:07pm GMT

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What is Auto Load Next Post?

Auto Load Next Post simply loads the next post on your blog automatically once the user has reached the bottom of the initial post and is repeated until there are no more posts to load.

In order to do this, the WordPress theme in use needs to have a post navigation at the end of each single blog post which the plugin will then detect to collect the previous post URL to load the next post. The JavaScript then loads that post by inserting the content via a partial template underneath the parent post.

As it does this, the address bar and page title will change to that post it has loaded. Should you refresh the browser, the post you were currently reading would load as the new initial post.

Your browser also retains the history of the posts that were viewed on the blog allowing you to go back to a previous post.


  • Use action hooks to load content before and after the next post has loaded.
  • Hide comments. ( Optional )
  • Track each post load with Google Analytics. ( Requires Google Analytics to be installed for this to work. )
  • Over-writable template file.
  • WordPress Network / Multisite supported.
  • Works with any theme that follows the Theme development standards.

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Auto Load Next Post Premium

There's an even better version of the plugin coming out soon with the following extra features:

  • Custom Post Type Support
  • Media Attachments Support
  • Overwritable Template for Pages
  • Supports more popular themes with auto setup detection
  • JetPack Supported
  • Related Posts for WordPress Supported
  • Priority Email Support

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